About us

Updated 01 June 2015

We set the common framework and direction for health in Denmark – with a focus on the people and patients.

The Danish Health and Medicines Authority is the supreme health and pharmaceutical authority in Denmark.

In its present form, the Danish Health and Medicines Authority is a young administration formed on 1 March 2012 through the merger of the Danish Medicines Agency and the National Board of Health.

The Danish Health and Medicines Authority has around 700 employees, representing a wide range of professional groups – about 20 in all.

We perform a great variety of tasks and work across functions and organisations with other authorities, organisations and professional experts – both in Denmark and abroad.

We attach great importance to offering the individual employees an opportunity to develop their skills and pursue professional goals. Goals that also contribute to the development of the Danish Health and Medicines Authority.

Main activities

We collaborate with decision-makers and help achieve good health for all citizens in Denmark as well as treatment in a high-quality healthcare sector:

  • We license and monitor medicines (including pharmacies, medicine prices, side effects etc.)
  • We issue and withdraw authorisations (18 different professions – from chiropodists to physiotherapists)
  • We offer advice and provide information (to the citizens, healthcare professionals and authorities)
  • We plan and approve (placing of specialist functions, care pathways, healthcare agreements etc.)

Geographic location

Head office at Islands Brygge in Copenhagen.

The National Institute of Radiation Protection is part of the Danish Health and Medicines Authority and is based in the Greater Copenhagen area.

The Public Health Medical Officers North and South under the Danish Health and Medicines Authority are based in Randers and Kolding, respectively.