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Updated 24 May 2016

The Danish Health Authority is the supreme health professional authority in Denmark.

Danish Health Authority (DHA) is the supreme authority of health care in Denmark and is part of the Ministry of Health group. DHA assists the Minister with advice in the policy area and advises other authorities within the state, regional and municipal areas of health care.

DHA's main tasks include health promotion, prevention and treatment of disease, which focuses on a wide range of areas of preventive interventions, radiation protection, training of health professionals, health emergency services and planning of health care.

Danish Health Authority has also tasks in the professional area of elderly and dementia care.

Curricula Vitae of Director General and Directors

Director General’s Office

The office supports the Director General in case management, calender planning etc. Furthermore, the office takes care of the overall coordination of the DHA’s international tasks, in particular the collaboration with World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Nordic Council of Ministers and activities which requires the Director General’s participation.

Both internal and external communications including handling press inquiries are also part of the office’s coordinating tasks. Finally, the office handles organisational tasks such as electronic document management, tender, contracts and other legal issues, e.g. declarations of interests and qualifications.

Evidence, Education & Emergency Management

National Clinical Guidelines, recommendations on rational pharmacotherapy and recommendations for screening programs are tasks of this department, which is also responsible for health emergency management in Denmark and the childhood immunization program and other tasks related to prevention of infectious diseases.

The administration and development of the quality of education programs, i.e. specialists in medicine and orthodontist as well as post graduate education for nurses are other tasks in focus. Finally, the department processes applications for experimental treatment and highly specialized treatment abroad.

Healthcare Planning

Planning of community health care and hospital services, focused on quality and coherent course of health care treatment is the focus of the department.

Planning of Hospital Services includes tasks of specialization planning, i.e. distribution of tasks between hospitals, including technical advice on regional health plans. Planning of specialization in hospitals is undergoing a major revision. The tasks on community health care focuses on cooperating with doctor’s private practices and health care services in the municipalities.

Consolidated Accounts, Finance & Services

Consolidated Accounts, Finance & Services supports the Danish Health Authority with financial and resource management, accounting and book keeping, building operation and service functions. The department is responsible for the overall collaboration with Corporate HR and IT.

Consolidated Accounts also undertakes accounting for other parts of the Ministry of Health group, i.e. the Ministry, the Danish Medicines Agency, the Danish Patient Safety Authority, the Danish Council of Ethics and the National Committee on Health Research Ethics.

The service functions include building operations, maintenance and services at the domiciles of the Danish Health Authority, the Danish Medicines Agency and the Danish Patient Safety Authority.

Health Promotion

Health Promotion is responsible for DHA’s tasks in the area of public health and general preventive health care and health promotion, including alcohol, tobacco, physical activity, nutrition, sexual health, mental health, drugs, environmental medicine, asthma and allergies, inequality in health, maternity, health care and dental care.

Elderly & Dementia

Rehabilitation, prevention and support for elderly people who have or are at risk for loss of function - with a need for action in the primary sector, are the tasks of Elderly & Dementia.
A major focus is to strengthen and ensure consistency between health and social work initiatives for senior citizens and people with dementia.

Elderly & Dementia also has secretarial services for the AgeForum (ÆldreForum), which is an independent council to monitor and assess elderly people in all aspects and society. This council collects and disseminates knowledge and contributes to the acknowledgement of elderly people’s resources and nuancing the picture of being elderly and old age in society. Finally, the Elderly & Dementia manages the certification of private suppliers of free care homes (friplejeboligleverandører).

Radiation Protection

Radiation Protection undertakes all administrative tasks relating to radiation protection, where there is used or generated ionizing radiation in Denmark. The department handles and improves radiation protection based on an assessment of justification, optimization and dose limitation of ionizing radiation. 

Radiation Protection manages the Danish Acts on X-ray, radioactivity and nuclear facilities, in addition to having national authority tasks in relation to non-ionizing radiation according to Article 213 in the Danish Health Code.


  • Head of EUnetHTA Secretariat: Finn Børlum Kristensen – fbk@sst.dk

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is a comprehensive, systematic assessment of the background for and the consequences of applying (new) health technology. In December 2012, the Danish Health Authority stopped making health technology assessments. The EUnetHTA Secretariat is situated at the domicil of the DHA in Copenhagen until May 2016, when moved to the Netherlands.