Request access to documents

Updated 15 May 2012

You can request access to documents of the Danish Health and Medicines Authority by completing the form below.

Please fill in the form with as many details as possible. This will make it easier for us to help you find the documents you are looking for.

Please remember to provide your contact details, so that we can send you a reply.

You must indicate if you are a party to the case whose documents you are requesting access to, i.e. whether or not the case or documents concern you. This is important because requests from parties to a case must be processed according to special rules.

If you know the case number of the Danish Health and Medicines Authority, please enter it in the form.

The form will not be sent in encrypted form, and you should therefore not send confidential information.

You are not required to state why you request access to documents.

You will hear from us within 10 days after you have requested access to a case.

Everyone has right of access to documents

Generally, everyone has right of access to the documents of public authorities in Denmark, the Danish Health and Medicines Authority included, cf. the Danish Access to Public Administration Files Act.


But there are a certain types of documents that we are not allowed to grant access to. For example, documents about:

  • The individual's personal situation
  • Business secrets
  • Recruitment and promotion
  • Punishment for violation of the law

Furthermore, we normally do not grant access to internal working documents of the Danish Health and Medicines Authority.

Are you a party to the case?