Mission, vision and values

Updated 10 October 2012


Health for all – through safe and effective prevention and treatment.


The Danish Health and Medicines Authority strives to achieve

  • good health for all citizens
  • safety for patients
  • continuity and quality.

We set the common framework and direction for health – with a focus on the people and patients:

  • we support continuity
  • we give advice and set priorities
  • we promote development and innovation
  • we are dynamic and effective.

Our values


  • others can trust what we say
  • we are professionals in our field
  • we make holistic decisions and are loyal to them.


  • we have courage to think innovatively
  • we are holistic
  • we continue to improve the way we work.


  • we act in a timely manner
  • we are proactive
  • we are solution-focused.


  • we seek and value input from other people
  • we are attentive and constructive
  • we communicate openly and clearly.