Our websites

  • dkmanet.dk

    Access-controlled extranet, which offers companies easy and secure access to sending and receiving information.

  • erhverv.medicinpriser.dk

    Searches for prices and reimbursement of medicines for retailers, wholesalers and companies.

  • fmk-online.dk

    Access to the Shared Medication Record.

  • indlaegsseddel.dk

    Electronic versions of package leaflets of medicine packages sold in Denmark.

  • interaktionsdatabasen.dk

    Knowledge for healthcare professionals about effects and side effects from concomitant use of two or more drugs.

  • irf.dk

    Information for healthcare professionals about the most rational use of medicines.

  • lmsretail.dk

    Reporting of medicine sales by authorised sales outlets in Denmark.

  • medicinkombination.dk

    Knowledge for medicine users about effects and side effects when two or more drugs are taken together.

  • medicinpriser.dk

    Medicine prices and reimbursement as well as access to calculating co-payment and reimbursement.

  • produktresume.dk

    Danish summaries of product characteristics (SPCs) for all medicines marketable in Denmark.