The Medicine Profile – citizens' medication overview

Updated 25 November 2013

The Medicine Profile is a complete collection of each Danish citizen's prescriptions and purchases of medicine on prescription. The Medicine Profile provides the citizen, the doctor and the pharmacy with a complete overview of all prescription medicine that the individual is treated with.

The Medicine Profile helps improve the quality of medical treatment in Denmark

The purpose of the Medicine Profile is to increase the quality of medical treatment in Denmark, and the Medicine Profile is to ensure that people living in Denmark receive:

  • the right medicine,
  • the right amount of medicine,
  • medicine that works as intended and does not have unexpected effects when taken in combination with other medicine,

The Medicine Profile contains:

  • a complete overview of all the citizen's electronic prescriptions as well as information about prescriptions redeemed in paper at the pharmacy, or submitted by fax and telephone, given to the citizen during the last two years ,
  • an overview of the medicine that the citizen has bought on prescription at the pharmacy during the last two years
  • detailed information about all medicine prescribed and purchased.
  • information about the patient's general practitioner,
  • information about which doctor has prescribed medicines to the citizen,
  • information about which pharmacy has redeemed the prescriptions to the citizen,
  • information about the citizen's reimbursement,
  • a check to see whether the prescribed medicines impact each other (cross-check for interactions),
  • information about medicines or medicine groups that the citizen is allergic to (intolerance),
  • a log in which the citizen can see who has looked up information in his or her medicine profile, including which details have been viewed,

Doctors and pharmacists can use the Medicine Profile to improve medical treatment for the individual citizen by looking up the citizen's medicine profile:

  • Is the citizen complying with the medicine prescribed?
  • Which medicines is the citizen currently being treated with?
  • Are there possible interactions between the medicines listed in the citizen's medicine profile?
  • Have any recordings been made about medication that the citizen is intolerant to?

Who can use the Medicine Profile?

The Medicine Profile can be used by Danish citizens, doctors and professionally trained pharmacy staff.

All Danish citizens can access their Medicine Profile using digital signature either via www.sundhed.dk

If you want to know more about what the Medicine Profile can be used for, click one of the links below, however, please be aware that the information is in Danish only:

Access to the Medicine Profile via www.sundhed.dk and www.medicin-it.dk 

Citizens, doctors, and pharmacies in Denmark have access to the Medicine Profile via the public health portal sundhed.dk. A digital signature is required to use the Medicine Profile.

In order to access the Medicine Profile citizens need to have a personal digital signature installed on their computer. Health professional users such as doctors and pharmacy staff need to have a special employee certificate for healthcare professionals to gain access.

For more information about how to get started, please go to the Danish version of this page, where further details are available in Danish.

Overview of prescriptions in the Medicine Profile

Statens Serum Institut (SSI) is responsible for the system which handles electronic prescriptions issued by your doctor. All your prescriptions are stored in a secure system that can be accessed by you as well as prescribers and pharmacies. You can view your prescriptions in your personal medicine profile via sundhed.dk.

The electronic prescription gives you, your doctor and the pharmacy an overview of all the medicine that has been prescribed to you. This means that the pharmacy can advise you on a highly professional basis, because the pharmacy staff can see precisely what medicine you receive and have received previously.

The electronic prescription also gives you a line of advantages when you pick up your medicine at the pharmacy:

  • If your doctor has indicated on the electronic prescription the name of the pharmacy where you intend to collect your medicine, the pharmacy has the possibility of having it ready for you when you get there.
  • You can also contact the pharmacy in advance to ask them to prepare the medicine, so you can get it quickly. You can do this via your medicine profile via sundhed.dk.
  • If you do not know where you intend to pick up your medicine, the prescription is simply stored electronically. You can then choose any pharmacy in Denmark at a time that suits you.
  • If a paper prescription is best for you, you always ask your doctor to write out a paper version. The paper prescription is not stored electronically, and you therefore need to bring it with you to the pharmacy where you are going to collect your medicine.

Please visit the Danish version of this page for more details in Danish about electronic prescriptions and the so-called prescription server, which handles electronic prescriptions in Denmark.