Reimbursement of medicines

Updated 24 April 2012

General reimbursement

Much of the medicine that you buy on prescription in Denmark comes with general reimbursement. General reimbursement means that you get reimbursement automatically according to table 1 when you buy medicine.

You do not need a special grant to obtain general reimbursement, but there could be other conditions that must be met (for example it may be required that you belong to a certain patient group or suffer from a certain disease).

Application for general reimbursement

The company that brings the medicine onto the Danish market can apply for general reimbursement to the Danish Medicines Agency.

Reassessment of reimbursment status

The Danish Medicines Agency regularly reassesses the medicines' reimbursement status to make sure that the medicines that have general reimbursement satisfy the eligibility criteria, and that medicines without general reimbursement do not satisfy the criteria.

Individual reimbursement

In some cases, you can get individual reimbursement for medicine; i.e. reimbursement is awarded to you personally. There are different types of individual reimbursement:

It is your doctor who assesses your needs and applies for individual reimbursement to the Danish Medicines Agency. Like general reimbursement, the Danish regions pay for individual reimbursement.

In some cases, it is also possible to get a subsidy from your municipality of residence. These are called social subsidies and are granted pursuant to the Danish Social Pension Act, the Danish Active Social Policy Act or the Danish Social Service Act.

Reimbursement thresholds and reimbursement prices

The more expenses that you have for reimbursable medicine, the more reimbursement you will receive. The reimbursement thresholds – i.e. the limits to how much you must pay yourself for medicine and how much the Danish regions subsidise – are adjusted annually.

The size of your reimbursement is calculated on the basis of the cheapest generic medicine. So, if you choose to buy a more expensive medicine, the price based on which reimbursement is calculated (= the reimbursement price) will be lower than the price of the medicine, and you must pay the difference between the price of the medicine and the reimbursement price yourself.