Warning against the product Viamax Energizer

#MISSING TRANSLATION: Page.Created# 15 July 2008

The Danish Medicines Agency has become aware of the product Viamax Energizer, which is sold on the internet as a product providing energy. An analysis carried out by the Swedish Medical Products Agency has shown that the product contains the active substances levodopa and theophylline, which does not appear from the packages. Several websites state that Viamax Energizer consists of well-balanced, natural herbs. This is not correct.

The active substances levodopa and theophylline are associated with a number of side effects, and the substances are ingredients in prescription-only medicines used for the treatment of parkinsonism and asthma respectively. Treatment with medicinal products containing these substances should only be commenced following advice from a doctor.

Viamax Energizer is not an authorised medicinal product, and we therefore warn against using it.

The Danish Medicines Agency advises patients who have taken Viamax Energizer to stop using it and to contact their doctor if they have any concerns. The illegal medicinal product may be handed over to a pharmacy for destruction.

The Danish Medicines Agency urges persons who buy medicinal products on the internet to be careful and to seek advice from their doctor before buying prescription-only medicinal products. The doctor may then assess the effect of the product and its side effects, including whether or not the product concerned would benefit the patient.

For further information , please contact Mette Touborg Heydenreich on tel.: +45 4488 9327.

Danish Medicines Agency, 15 July 2008