Shared Medication Record

Updated 07 October 2014

What is the Shared Medication Record?

The Shared Medication Record is a digital solution that helps prevent medication errors.

A medication error is any event in which a patient takes too much or too little medication or takes different types of medicine that should not be used at the same time. The Shared Medication Record improves the safety and quality of medical treatment.

The Shared Medication Record also ensures that citizens and the health sector have access to correct and updated medical information.

Access for healthcare professionals

Doctors, nurses, dentists etc. use the Shared Medication Record either via their own IT systems (electronic patient record, electronic health record, practice system etc.) or via the Danish e-Health Portal sundhed.dk and fmk-online.dk

The local IT systems automatically synchronise your medical information with the Shared Medication Record. In that way, up-to-date medical information is always available to healthcare professionals treating patients and citizens.

Access for citizens

As a citizen you have access to your own information via sundhed.dk and fmk-online.dk

If you are having a consultation with your GP or if you are hospitalised, discharged or having an outpatient treatment in a hospital, the doctor can quickly and safely collect the correct medical information from the Shared Medication Record into the local IT systems and make sure that you get the correct treatment.

Responsibility for the Shared Medication Record

Statens Serum Institut and the Danish National e-Health Authority (NSI) are responsible for the operation and support of the Shared Medication Record (and the Medicine Profile).

The Shared Medication Record and the Medicine Profile

The Shared Medication Record was launched in 2007 to replace the Medicine Profile. The Medicine Profile is being phased out and is expected to close at the end of 2014.

As the Medicine Profile is soon closing, we recommend new users to use the Shared Medication Record

How to get access:


Log on via sundhed.dk or fmk-online.dk by using your NemID.

Healthcare professionals

  1. Order a digital signature from Nets-DanID
  2. Install your digital signature on your computer
  3. Log on via sundhed.dk or fmk-online.dk
  4. Select your certificate and enter the code

Pharmacy staff

Log on via sundhed.dk. The pharmacy's local administrator creates users, please see the guideline at sundhed.dk:

Pharmacies' access to the Medicine Profile (in Danish only)