Herbal medicinal products

Updated 23 August 2011

Herbal medicinal products contain naturally occurring substances in concentrations that are not substantially greater than those found in nature.

Herbal medicinal products are typically manufactured from plant extracts or powdered plant parts. Herbal medicinal products are only intended for oral consumption, for use on skin or for local use on mucous membranes.

All herbal medicinal products are authorised by the Danish Medicines Agency. As part of the authorisation process, each herbal medicinal product receives a number (MT number), which must be on the label.

The Danish Medicines Agency states the requirements for the manufacture, quality, safety and efficacy of the product. Herbal medicinal products may only be manufactured in companies that are continually supervised by the pharmaceutical authorities.

The requirements for herbal medicinal products are more closely described in a guideline (only in Danish). In the box you can find a link to the overview of the herbal medicinal products that have been authorised in Denmark.

Summaries of product characteristics

www.produktresume.dk offers you access to summaries of product characteristics of medicines sold in Denmark worded in Danish.

You can search for summaries of product characteristics for herbal medicinal products separately.