Illegal anti-impotence drug sold via coupon leaflets

08 November 2006
The Danish Medicines Agency has become aware that the product Orexi+ from the Norwegian company Medisinsk Forlag AS is sold illegally via Danish coupon leaflets. The product is sold as a natural alternative to the prescription-only medicinal product Viagra, which is used for treating erectile dysfunction.
The Norwegian Medicines Agency has previously analysed the product Nye Orexi from Medisinsk Forlag AS and found the product to contain the active substance acetildenafil without this being stated on the packs.
The product Orexi+ might also contain acetildenafil and therefore the Danish Medicines Agency warns against the use of Orexi+.
In the coupon leaflet advertisement for Orexi+, it is stated that the product is authorised for sale in Norway. This is incorrect.
The Danish Medicines Agency recommends people who have bought Orexi+ to stop using it and hand over the remains at a pharmacy.
For further information, please contact Gitte Albæk Christensen, tel.: +45 4488 9323.
The Danish Medicines Agency, 3 November 2006