Focus on cooperation with Chinese authorities

23 September 2010

A business visit to Shanghai and Beijing in September has strengthened collaboration between the Danish Medicines Agency and its Chinese counterpart, SFDA. CEO Jytte Lyngvig and Senior Director of the Licensing Division Per Helboe participated in the meeting in China.

"We concluded agreements on increased cooperation, particularly within inspection of manufacturers that supply raw materials to the European pharmaceuticals industry. Their attitude to us reflects that we are considered as a gateway to Europe – and not just a small distant country," explains Per Helboe. He and colleagues from the Danish Medicines Agency have invested many hours and efforts into developing collaboration with the Chinese authorities, which is now beginning to pay off.

"In the long term, our cooperation will improve the safety of medicine, for Danish patients too. We will become better and quicker at checking potential safety problems to the benefit of all," he adds.

The cooperation between the Chinese and Danish medical authorities is supported by the Danish embassy in Beijing. In this photo, Wu Zhen, Deputy Commissioner of the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA), meets with Danish Ambassador to China, Friis Arne Petersen, and Professor Per Helboe from the Danish Medicines Agency.


Dialogue and direct contact

The visits in Shanghai and Beijing have dialogue and cooperation in focus. In this photo, senior staff member Liu Jing, Department of International Cooperation, speaks with CEO Jytte Lyngvig who stands next to Deputy Commissioner Wu Zhen and Ambassador Friis Arne Petersen.

The visits to Shanghai and Beijing build on the memorandum of understanding concluded last year in Copenhagen by a Chinese delegation. During the visits, special joint efforts to inspect pharmaceutical manufacturers in China were agreed. A permanent contact in SFDA was also established, so that we know who to call if safety problems arise.

"Whenever I visit China, it becomes clear to me that this is where the future developments are. Not only do we see pharmaceutical companies moving their production to China, they also move their research and development units as well," says Per Helboe and continues:

"We can learn from one another, and the Chinese people are by no means lagging behind. In some areas they impose stricter requirements on their production than is the case in the USA and Europe."

For further information, please contact Senior Director of Division Per Helboe on +45 4488 9275.

Danish Medicines Agency, 22 September 2010