Danes can now look up medicines on their mobiles

23 January 2012

In Denmark, people can now check medicines via a new free app for mobile phones.

The app is called 'Medicintjek', which literally means medicine check, and it's available for download on iPhone and Android mobiles. It is a service offered free of charge by the Danish Medicines Agency for anyone interested.

Through one single entry point, Medicintjek gives access to information in Danish from the websites medicinpriser.dk, medicinkombination.dk, indlaegsseddel.dk and laegemiddelstyrelsen.dk, which are all run by the Danish Medicines Agency.

Danish Minister for Health: Easy access to medicine information

Commenting on the app, interim Minister of Health Pia Olesen Dyrh, says:

"Medicintjek gathers a wealth of information in one single app, and it means that the Danish citizens can get information about medicines instantly, also when a computer is not nearby".

The app is launched in Danish only, and the users of the app will enjoy the following features.

Look up medicines that contain the same drug, but have different names

Medicintjek can provide an overview of the many medicines available on the Danish market that contain the same active substance, but are sold under different names. Medicintjek can display a list with products that can replace each other.

Look up the newest information

With Medicintjek, users always have access to the newest package leaflet, which the pharmaceutical manufacturer has placed in the package leaflet database. The package leaflets are updated with new information, because new information about medicine emerges regularly.

Scan, save and check

Medicintjek is launched with a scanner, and by scanning the barcode and adding a product to the personal medicine list, it's easy to search in Medicintjek.

Download Medicintjek

Medicintjek can be downloaded from App Store and Android Market from 19 January 2012. These links are also placed at  www.medicintjek.dk.

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