New knowledge about silicone breast implants manufactured by Poly Implant Prothèse

16 March 2012

The Danish National Board of Health has been informed by the French health authorities that PIP silicone breast implants, manufactured before 2001, are suspected of leaking silicone more frequently than other implants. Previous warnings have only covered implants manufactured after 2001.

However, the Danish National Board of Health is not aware that any PIP implants (also sold under the name Rofil) have been sold in Denmark before 2004.

The use of PIP breast implants was prohibited in April 2010 because the risk of rupture of these implants is higher compared to other similar breast implants.

Advice for women with breast implants

The Danish National Board of Health maintains its advice to women who have received breast implants to contact the responsible hospital or clinic, or their own doctor, if there are problems with the implants, e.g. signs of rupture.