Report: Medicine wastage in Denmark - May 2009

28 May 2009

As part of an economic agreement in 2009, the Danish Government, Local Government Denmark, and Danish Regions agreed to investigate the reasons why medicine is wasted in Denmark and make proposals on how to reduce medicine wastage in future. Against this background, a report describing medicine wastage in Denmark was prepared jointly by Local Government Denmark, Danish Regions, the Danish Ministry of Health and Prevention and the Danish Ministry of Finance (the report is available to the right in Danish only).

The report describes medicine wastage in Denmark, unveils the most common causes of medicine wastage in the relevant sectors and makes specific proposals on how to cut medicine wastage in Denmark with due consideration to patient safety.

The Danish Medicines Agency and the Danish Ministry of Health and Prevention have served as secretariat in connection with the preparation of the report.

Danish Medicines Agency, 28 May 2009