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Vaccination fall/winter 2022-2023

Based on previous experience, we expect covid-19 to be a seasonal disease. This means that the disease most likely flares up in fall and winter, just as we know it from, for example, influenza. Therefore, the Danish Health Authority plans to start the vaccination program against covid-19 on October 1st 2022.

The Danish Health Authority continuously follows the development of the epidemic and can on that basis adjust the plans should the need arise.

With vaccination in the fall, we will prevent serious illness, hospitalization, and death among the groups of the population most at risk of becoming seriously ill from covid-19: the elderly and the people at higher risk. But, we must expect that many will be infected with covid-19 during this fall and winter. Therefore, it is important that the population remembers the good infection prevention recommendations that also prevent a number of other infectious diseases.

General guidance to prevent infection

Who, how, and where?

1. Who will be offered vaccination this fall?

We expect to offer covid-19 vaccination to anyone 50 years of age or older.

People younger than 50 years with a higher risk of serious courses of illness due to covid-19, for example people with weakened immune systems, may be offered booster vaccination against covid-19 after a specific assessment by a general practitioner or hospital doctor. The Danish Health Authority will later assess whether all pregnant women, or only selected pregnant women, should be offered vaccination after a specific medical assessment.

2. Do you still recommend taking the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd dose against covid-19 if you are unvaccinated?

Yes, generally we still recommend that people who are completely unvaccinated accepts the offer of primary vaccination, ie. take 1st and 2nd dose, even if they are younger than 50 years, as there may be a risk of serious illness if you are completely unvaccinated, even despite the new omikron variant. In general, we recommend that unvaccinated people begin their vaccination series this fall.

The risk of a serious course of illness due to covid-19 is greatest the older you are, so it will preferably be people from approx. the age of 40, who will benefit the most from accepting the offer of primary vaccination, but younger people can also benefit, especially if they have risk factors such as a chronic illness, severe obesity, etc

Children and adolescents only very rarely have a serious course of illness due to covid-19 with the omicron variant, which is why the offer of primary vaccination for children between 5 and 17 years will not be a general offer, but can be given after a specific medical assessment, cf. the Danish Health Authority's guidelines.

During the fall/winter, the 3rd dose will also continue to be offered, cf. the Danish Health  Authority's guidelines.

3. Will I recieve an invitation to be vaccinated?

Everyne aged 50 and older will receive an invitation to covid-19 vaccination in e-Boks / mit.dk.

Others who, due to chronic illness or other health conditions, are at higher risk of a serious course of illness due to covid-19 will be made aware of the vaccination offers for covid-19 either through information campaigns or their general practitioner.

For nursing home residents, there will be a special offer with local vaccination without invitation and appointment.

4. Do I have to book an appointment myself?

Yes, you must book an appointment for vaccination at vacciner.dk.

5. Where can I be vaccinated?

You may be vaccinated at a permanent or temporary vaccination center. It will also be possible to be vaccinated by general practitioners and possibly other private actors.

There will also be local vaccinations for citizens at, among other places, nursing homes, institutions, asylum centres etc. Finally, it may be possible to be vaccinated at home if you cannot be transported to a vaccination site.

Updated 23 JUN 2022