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The elderly

The Danish Health Authority is responsible for rehabilitation, prevention and support for the elderly, who have or are at risk of functional loss.

In Denmark, the average life expectancy has never been as high as it is now. According to Statistics Denmark, by 2053 one in ten Danes will be over 80 years old.

We work to promote healthy ageing, prevent disease and to strengthen and ensure consistency between healthcare and social care efforts for senior citizens – in particular for people with dementia.

In 2016, the Danish government initiated a new initiative to ensure that elderly people in Denmark are provided with dignified care that increases their quality of life.  Under the auspices of the Danish Health Authority, a new national research centre was set up disseminate knowledge and best practice, offer counselling, competence development training, facilitate the formation of networks and to support the municipalities’ efforts in providing dignity in care for the elderly. 

Updated 27 JAN 2021