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Personal dosimetry

The Danish Health Authority, Radiation Protection offers dose monitoring of all workers exposed to radiation, in the form of periodic dose measurements using different types of dosimeters.

The personal dosimetry laboratory SIS PL offers dose monitoring in the form of e.g. whole body dosimeters (formerly called measuring films), finger dosimeters, shoulder dosimeters, eye dosimeters and neutron dosimeters. Most of the laboratory's services are accredited by DANAK. 

Please note: In order to be able to register workers for a dosimetry service, it is necessary to first establish an agreement with the laboratory. See: “New customer” below.

New customer

Here your company can be set up as a customer of the personal dosimetry laboratory. You must complete the web form below to create an agreement. Once this has been completed and submitted to us, we will register you in our IT system and send you a customer number.

Web form: Create dosimetry service agreement

By using the web form, you accept the delivery terms and conditions for dosimetry services. The submitted information is processed in accordance with the Danish Health Authority's Data Protection Policy.

When the web form has been submitted, you will receive a customer number, which must be used for future inquiries. 

Existing customer: How do I register persons for dose monitoring?

When your company is set up as a customer, you can register people for dose monitoring. Using your customer number in the web form below, you will be able to unregister and register people for dose monitoring as well as report changes in use of the sent dosimeters. The form can also be used if there are changes regarding your company, e.g. a new delivery address.

Web form: Submit changes regarding dose monitoring

The information is encrypted upon submission. If you need to register persons who do not have a Danish social security number, the necessary information can be written in the “comments” field.


The prices for dose monitoring are regulated as of 1st February 2024.

Prices for dose monitoring 

Delivery conditions

Delivery conditions valid from 01.02.2024 

Delivery conditions are changing for neutron dosimeters - valid from September 2024

Accredited dosimetry services can only be delivered within the terms specified in the delivery conditions. Other dosimetry services can be provided by separate agreement with the personal dosimetry laboratory at the Danish Health Authority, Radiation Protection. Delivery of these services will be subject to such conditions as will be separately agreed between the customer and the personal dosimetry laboratory.

Updated 11 JUL 2024