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Radiation protection

The Danish Health Authority undertakes all regulatory functions and statutory duties related to radiation protection.

Under the Radiation Protection Act, the Danish Health Authority is the national authority for regulating the use (manufacture, processing, holding, import, export, transfer, handling, application, control, technical safety inspection, storage, disposal, recycling, reuse, discharge and transport) of radioactive substances and ionising radiation. 

Radiation Protection (DHARP) at the Danish Health Authority is responsible for the daily administrative tasks.

The Danish Health Authority, Radiation Protection (DHARP)

The mission of DHARP is to protect humans and the environment from the harmful effects of ionising radiation in the use of, or exposure to, human-made or natural radiation sources, whether in planned, existing or emergency radiation situations. 

The core function of DHARP is to ensure that use of, or exposure to, radiation sources are always justified, optimised and within the dose limits. 

As an additional function, DHARP, in cooperation with the Danish Emergency Management Agency (Nuclear Division), performs the day-to-day administration delegated to the Nuclear Regulatory Authorities consistent with The Nuclear Installations Act. 

Updated 20 MAJ 2021