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Strategy mission and values


  • Health for all


Core story

  • We have high ambitions in the area of health and elderly care.
  • We engage with others to find wise solutions.
  • We work across areas of expertise and sectors.
  • We invest knowledge and commitment.
  • We think in the long term, but act promptly when needed.
  • We possess professional competence and have the courage to find new ways.


Position of strength

Comprenensiveness and coherence

  • We are keenly focused on comprehensiveness and coherence - for the individual and for public health in general.

With others

  • We get involved.
  • We invest resources, insights and knowledge.
  • We lead the way, but not on our own.
  • Attentiveness and preconditions are indispensable in our work.

Framework and direction

  • We set the framework and direction within the areas of health and elderly care.
  • We have a special responsibility whenever professional, health-related solutions are difficult and controversial.
  • We mediate professional consensus, but are ready to take action when needed.



  • Ambitious
  • Wise
  • Courageous
  • Cooperative
  • Attentive
Updated 18 JUN 2020